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Baikal VIP Fishing Tour

By helicopter and boat



During your trip you’ll enjoy Siberian wildlife  - elks, bears, Siberian stags, reindeer, watch  endemic Baikal seals.

The trip by modern EC 120B  helicopter  and boat  will let you see all the varieties and peculiarities of Baikal nature and climate, visit the peaks of  surrounding mountain ranges, relax on remote sandy beaches and fully enjoy the turquoise waters of Baikal .

The tour can be arranged for 1- 6 people. The tour includes boat and helicopter transfers .

The tour route: Irkutsk- the Small Sea  (Maloye More)-  Kotelnikovsky bay- Hakusy- Davsha –  Chevirkyi bay- the Small sea( Maloye More) – Irkutsk

Helicopter fishing trips are arranged  at the upper streams of the Sarma ,the Lena, the Sirigli,the Tompuda, the Shegnanda, the Kabanja, the Sosnovka, the Cheremshanka, the Chivyrkui, the Barguzin rivers.

Helicopter transfers are made  to the Ogoi island, the Burhan cape, Froliha lake, the Ushkanyi  islands.

The tour price depends on the number of tourists, the particular route chosen and is calculated on demand