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            Nature  Healing Resort  “Shumak”



An exclusive offer! 

You can both make an unforgettable helicopter journey deep into the mountains and have good rest at the unique Nature Healing Resort  “Shumak”.   This resort is located at 1600m  above the sea level, in the valley of the Shumak river in the Eastern Sayan  mountains. Shumak  is famous  for its  numerous ( about 100) minеral and radon springs and muds.  The water of the curative Shumak springs makes them  equal to famous mineral springs of Kislovodsk, Pjatigorsk, Tshaltubo. Shumak water is used  for treatment of uratic diathesis, diabetes, functional disorders of cardiovascular and nervous systems, chronic diseases of upper air passages, intestinal tract, liver and biliary tracts, etc. Radon and mud baths are taken to cure different osteochondrosis.


At Shumak we suggest an exclusive accommodation in comfortable and convenient cottages. We offer :

-         Comfortable double and single houses  with conveniences (individual hot water shower and toilet),

-         Comfortable  houses  without conveniences for 1-6 persons  (Hot water shower and toilet are located nearby in the separate 24 hours heated  building).



             Улица с 4-х местными домиками           


The electricity and  cold water are supplied 24 hours. There is a comfortable video-café ,first-aid station, satellite TV, gift shop, bakery,  banya and a separate building for taking radon baths. We offer  massage, satellite phone service, provide internet service , rent of fishing and tourist gear, rent of extra  TV -DVD and/or  DVD discs. We also arrange daily hiking sightseeing tours.

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