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1. Irkutsk – the Volcano valley – Irkutsk

Duration  - 7 hrs

Flight time – 4 hrs

Ground time – 3hrs


During your flight you’ll be able to enjoy the craters of the two big dead volcanoes, named by the famous  Russian researchers: Peretolchin and Kropotkin. You’ll see the pristine sand shores of the Zhom-Bolok river, numerous waterfalls and mountain lakes and Hara-Nur -  the largest lake of the valley. During your trip you may explore the Peretolch volcano in more details: climb to its top and make a descent to the centre of the crater. At the bottom of the crater there is a shallow lake about 10m in diameter. You will also see vast lava plains.



2. Irlutsk – the Waterfalls of the Kitoy

and  the Shumak rivers – Irkutsk

Duration – 2 hrs

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This sightseeing tour gives an opportunity to admire the beauty of the best waterfalls of the Eastern Sayans rivers – the Kitoy and the Shumak. The passengers will have the unique chance to see truly untouched sites - the spots “where no man treads”.  Close to the mouth of the Shumak, you will see a cascade of waterfalls of the Marble spring. The water from the Marble spring drops from the height of 30 meters, twists clockwise and falls into the “marble well”.  Not very far, downstream of the Kitoy river, there is another chain of  three famous, worth-to-see canyon waterfalls called by locals as the Small Cheeks, the Upper Cheeks and  Mot’kas’ Cheeks.



3. Irkutsk – the Upper stream of  the Snezhnaya river – Irkutsk

Duration – 5 hrs

Flight  time – 2 hrs

Ground time  - 3 hrs

 * Overnight stay  on demand


The Snezhnaya  starts at the southern slopes of the western Hamar-Daban mountain chain and flows into Baikal. This wide and full-flowing river has many tributaries that is why it  is a favorite destination of tourists and rafters. During your flight you’ll see 2 waterfalls with quite meaningful names: the Grohotun (Rumbler), the Skazka (Fairy-tale) and the famous Sable lakes. During your stop you may fish and/or  have a picnic. In winter, the amateurs of  Heli-ski and Free-riding can ride on the thick snowy slopes of the surrounding mountains.


4. Irkutsk – listvyanka – Kadilny Bay – Irkutsk

Flight time – 1,5 hrs

Ground time – 1 hr

*Great for an unforgettable wedding or a romantic date

*In winter a helicopter lands on Baikal ice on demand


The flight goes along the shore of Baikal. You’ll see the famous Sun Observatory, the unique natural monuments:  the Rock  Dva Brata, the cliffs:  Skreeper and Chayachii. Kadilny Bay is famous for its caves and limestone. In the cave  Chasovnja , for example, there was a camp of ancient man. During your stop you can both have a picnic and/or explore  the caves.



5. Irkutsk- Peschannnaya Bay – Irkutsk

Flight time – 1,5 hrs

Ground time – 1 hr


Peschannaya Bay is the warmest place of  Baikal and the Eastern Siberia. It is famous for its sandy  beaches that spread for more than 1 km. This bay is safely guarded   by two rocks – the Big and the Small Kolokol’njas (Belfries). During the flight you can see the famous nature monuments –  Dirovatyi Bay and the Baklanyi Rock, enjoy charming bays – Akademicheskaya and Babushka. During your stop you may have a picnic on the Baikal shore.


6. Irkutsk – Listvyanka – the Baikal Circum Railroad – Irkutsk

Flight time – 2 hrs

*A landing in Listvyanka on demand

*Great for a wedding trip or a date

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A fascinating flight form Irkutsk to Baikal will let you enjoy the springhead of  Angara river, the famous geomorphological  monument of nature – the Shaman Rock and the underwater stall in  Listvyanichnyi Bay. Low flight along the Baikal Circum Railroad will let you explore  this unique part of the TransSiberian railroad in details, see the unique hand-made engineering structures, tonnels ( the longest one ( 778m) -  is located at the Polovinnaya railway station), galleries, bridges and some other monuments of railroad engineering.