World of Baikal-
The way to unknown
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Baikal helicopter tours

Aero-star  Co  Ltd arranges various sightseeing  tours around the area of lake Baikal and other remote places by helicopters MI-8, Russia (25 passengers max) and/or  Eurocopter, France ( 4 people max). For more details …



Baikal VIP Fishing Tour

(By helicopter and boat)

You’ll have the unique chance to visit the untouched nature of the wild Siberian Taiga, fish in  beautiful mountain rivers, enjoy hideaway bays and warm-water inlets of Baikal.  For more details…




Air-boat tours on Cisbaikalia rivers

The latest up-to-date proposal for outdoor activities! Now you can explore the rivers of Cisbaikalia by a new and reliable air-boat  “Magnum”! 

For more details …