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The way to unknown
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Aero-star ltd is one of the leading tour operators in Eastern Siberia, specializing in the arrangement of various tours and transfers with the use of MI-8 and EC-120 B helicopters. Since 2006 we have been arranging tours and transfers for tourists around Lake Baikal and in the Eastern Sayan Mountains.

A helicopter tour gives the opportunity to visit remote, unknown places, to combine different ways of travelling, to work out your individual schedule and helps to save your time!

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Piskunova 140/4, Irkutsk, Russia



We arrange:

sightseeing helicopter tours and tranfers around the area of Lake Baikal ( Listvyanka, Baikal circum-railroad, Olkhon island, Ushkaniy islands, Snezhnaja river tour and more),

 sightseeing helicopter tours and transfers in the Eastern Sayan mountains ( the Valley of the extinct volcanoes, the waterfalls of the Onot river, mountain lakes of the Sayans and more),

 helicopter package tour with accommodation at the famous Shumak Nature Reserve (the Eastern Sayan, 1600m above sea level)– the newly opened tourist destination in our area,

 VIP hunting and fishing  ( a tour which combines either a yacht or a motorboat with a helicopter),

 specially designed tours for photographers and operators.

 The Way To Unknowing